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  • Official name: Kingdom of Thailand
  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Religion: religious freedom
  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • National language: Thai (THB)
  • Population: 68.2 million 

Thai way of enjoying one’s holiday is associated with the nation’s silk – one that is famed for rendering indulgence, comfort and elegance. Smooth as silk – it is the promise that the country and its hospitable citizens has made to pamper its guests like royals. Its flavorful treats, its candies for the eyes and its unlimited provision for entertainment earn the warmest responses: every years, tens of millions elect it to be the best tourist destination of Southeast Asia with their dollars and travelled miles. Spoil your sense with the cultured Thai decadence. Flatter your vision with the explosive gold of the capital Bangkok’s royal and religious quarters. Immerse in the medieval aura of the ancient ruins overgrown with dense jungles. Fiddle your toes along the epically pure coastline and submerge in the opal water that has sensationally hit global brochures. Douse your taste bud in Thailand’s well-loved cuisine – one that infatuates the eyes and leaves a drumming aftertaste in the mouths. Every element of Thailand invites you to touch. And the touch is so addictive that you couldn’t help touching it again and again.

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These itineraries will give you an introduction to what your trip to Thailand could involve. They cover routes that our travel specialists have found work particularly well and combine the most enchanting destinations. Treat them as your inspirations, as each trip is designed uniquely for you.


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