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Beside the competent team on site, we also have correspondents in Europe and in Canada. They have a real love for Southeast Asia that they visited after having entrusted us with their travel plan. They came back so enchanted that on their return they decided to join us as correspondents, which allows us to establish an additional link with you.
Do not hesitate to contact them, they will be delighted to share with you their passion for traveling in Southeast Asia and to give you some advice on suitable itineraries and the preparation of your trip ....
We invite you to meet them!

Mrs. Lousia FELLS in United Kingdom

Our English correspondent, Louisa has had a passion for travelling from a young age which lead her to work in the travel industry in various different roles.  She has been fortunate enough to live in Australia and in China giving her the opportunity to extensively explore both regions. She has relished visiting a number of destinations including New Zealand, Fiji, The Philippines, India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Louisa discovered Thavasia when booking her last minute trip to Myanmar and was so overwhelmed with the ‘Golden Land’ and the travel services she received that she felt compelled to enquire about joining our team. She is thrilled to be Thavasia’s UK correspondent.

The Oaks, Vera Road, Downham, Essex, CM11 1LJ, United Kingdom


+44 7746 504160 or +44 1268 768223

Mrs. Catherine GOTTIGNIES in Belgium
After working as an executive assistant in an international recruitment firm, Catherine is now retired. This gives her the opportunity to travel and discover Asian countries she particularly loves. Her one-month trip to Vietnam (North, Central and South) and Cambodia left her with a wonderful memory, and she was pleased to join us as our correspondent in Belgium. Catherine will be delighted to share her impressions of these particularly beautiful and endearing countries.

02, Espinette Central, 1640 Rhode, Saint-Genese, Belgium


+32 2 358 2655/478 454841

Mr. François LAPOINTE in Canada
After a good career in computer science, François is now retired. He is passionate about the history of culture and travel. His excursion to Japan, India, China, Cambodia and Vietnam have brought him many wonderful experiences that he would like to share. He particularly enjoyed his trip to Vietnam which he customized with our team. François is pleased to be part of our team as a correspondent in Canada.

1257 Sabrevois, Chambly, Quebec, Canada J3L 0G9



Mrs. Claudine MAQUIGNON in France
Retired civil servant, where she worked as a secretary at University Hospital of Tours. Claudine is passionate about traveling. She has a special affection for Asia and has fallen for Vietnam. She traveled for a month in Vietnam and Cambodia, traveling from the high mountains of northern Vietnam to the temples of Angkor. With a wealth of background knowledge, Claudine will be very happy to answer your questions.

02, Espinette Central, 1640 Rhode, Saint-Genese, Belgium


0247348865/ 0670312991